Logo Design

Logo: Human.ai (Concept design & exploration)

Logo Design: A logo based on the emerging field of artificial intelligence and associated machine intelligence. The logo mark is made up of circles (only) and is designed to appear like an inactive robot. AI along with technological advancements have led to improvements in peoples lives, for example amputee prosthetics.¬†AI is based on the assumption that machines can accurately simulate human intelligence. New areas of research and development particularly in relation to technology have resulted from artificial intelligence. Overall it’s a modern, simplified black and white logo.

Typeface: TT Hoves by Type Type Foundry


Logo: De Stijl Studio

Logo Design: The logo design is based on the dutch De Stijl art movement. De Stijl Studio was the original name of my print business brand which creates original art & design prints and print-based wall hangings. The brand name was deliberately created as historically De Stijl was one of the more important art movements relating to both art & design. De Stijl colours are used (Red, Yellow, Blue) within the “O” character & it has a slight shadow from an intended ruler like form. There are common tools, methods, training and techniques shared between artists and designers. eg rulers, drawing, grids, rule of thirds. The intended purpose of the “O” coloration and ruler like line was to bring attention to both the artistic based aesthetics of De Stijl and underlying simplified design-based aspects of the movement within the logo. The division created by the line within the “O” character allowed for the use of the three primary De Stijl colours. The use of colour in one character of the logo did not detract from the logos aesthetics or simplified design whereas when primary colours were used across all characters or differently designed forms inherited the colours this did cause noticeable visual problems. I found the use of colour within the typeface a good solution while not creating superfluous forms or symbols to an already long brand name.

Typeface: Neuzeit Grotesk by URW