A collection of my work designed as graphic art in design applications. Some of these prints are more akin to the field of graphic design while others are detailed geometric compositions and more abstracted. This is essentially a creative project that keeps me busy in my spare time outside of work. It’s a very enjoyable experience to work 100% creatively and design based on satisfaction and inspiration alone. Styles and themes of the artwork range from modern geometric, science/space, life & music alongside inspiration drawn from natural places and travelling. (David Attenborough, National Geographic & Scientific American fan).

Satellite Moons




Satellite Moons Framed Print




Cubic Framed Print

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream Framed Print

Theory II

Theory II Framed Print




Dawn Framed Print


Autumn Framed Print





R8 Framed Print




Theory Framed Print

Ultimate Truth


Ultamite Truth Framed Print


Ningaloo Framed Print