Branding Defined


Brand: A product & service for sale by a company categorised by the brand identity, either in print, digital or using audio material. The identity is usually created by a designer from a consultancy, design agency, marketing company or marketing department of a larger business, company or corporation.

The identity forms the aesthetic of a brand, but brand could be considered all aspects of a business, personal or company experience and not solely the identity or brand name. A brand is central to the company profile, ethos, it’s outward appearance and its inward thinking.

Products and goods a company creates should display and be a representation of a companies brand & visual identity. People associate positive, neutral and negative feelings and thoughts about different brands based on their personal experience with the specific brand. Branding is essentially the aligning the companies motivations with the consumers motivations, too buy a branded product or service is a deliberate by-product of this. The consumer must believe, trust and have an experience with a brand in order to identify with it and buy the branded product or service, but it’s branding, design & the experience which persuades them.